Top 10 Best Office Chairs in India 2020 – Buying Guide & Reviews

Are you planning to establish a new office? When it comes to the establishing a new office and renovating an office from the scratch, the first thing that comes to mind is the office furniture. And above all furniture, the office chairs. The office chairs not only make the workers work comfortably but also are a great way to enhance the interiors of the office. So, whether you are establishing a new startup, or are planning to give your office a new look, you should invest in good quality office chairs to get a perfect professional touch to your office without spending too much amount to it.

Talking specifically about India, you can easily get a decent looking and durable office chair without spending a fortune. And although you can buy the more expensive ones too, but if you are planning to establishing an office in a tight budget, then looking for the office chairs with a lesser price tag would be a great option for you.

Best Selling Products

In case you are not aware of the process of choosing the best office chairs and are confused by the number of options available to you, then it is advised that you follow the following buyers’ guide that will help you buy the best quality office chair in your budget. Check this also, Best Study Chairs for Students in India

Buyer’s guide for buying a perfect office chair in India

If you are buying the office chairs for the first time and are confused about the numerous products and brands available in the market, then keeping the following points in mind can help you a lot to choose the best office chair for yourself. Go through them, and keep them in mind while you are buying a perfect office chair for your new office.

  • Comfort
  • Support
  • Material
  • Durability

By keeping these four points in mind, you can easily buy the best office chair for yourself.

And for those readers who were here for the recommendations, here are the top 10 office chairs in the Indian market which you can rely on completely for quality and comfort.

Best Buy Office Chairs Online in India

1. SAVYA HOME APEX Apollo Chrome Base

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The Green Soul Vienna High Back Revolving Office Chair is a master of comfort and comes as a complete package-comfortable, durable and good looking as well.

There is extra padding on the seat, back and armrests for extra comfort, which completes your all needs along with under low budget. Below are given some more notable points about it

Thing we liked

  • Elegant black and brown dual color look
  • Extra padding on seat and back for comfort
  • Pneumatic height adjustment feature for seat
  • It is an ergonomically curved
  • The chair swivels 360 degrees for multi-tasking convenience
  • The chair made up strong metal as well

Things we didn’t liked

  • Slightly expensive
  • Leather quality is not up to mark


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If you are willing to provide your office a unique look and want to provide the employees the best sitting experience, then these mesh office chairs from SAVYA would be a great choice for you. With ultimate looks and comfort, these chairs provide the best and the most comfortable sitting posture to the users. And the uniquely designed armrests make it easier for the employees to work for longer hours without nay discomfort. Here are the unique features of the chair

  • Heavy duty umbrella shaped base
  • Thick padded seat cushioning
  • Durable construction

Things we liked

  • Heavy duty wheels
  • Height adjustment feature

Things we didn’t liked

  • Padding can be more comfortable

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3. MBTC Alaska Mesh Office Revolving Desk Chair

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If you want durable and best office chair that will make your day comfortably, then greensoul monster ergonomic chair is perfect, which complete your all requirements. It comes with adjustable & removable headrest pillow which provides comfort to your neck especially when you work for long hours.

This ergonomic chair manufactures by world class products, fabric along with attractive and wide looks, we have also provide adjustable and soft padded armrest to enhance you comfort. Below are some more notable things about it.

Things we liked

  • It comes with backrest cushion for your body comfort during your toughest tasks
  • It gives you large specious seat
  • Green soul comes with heavy duty nylon base which provides stability
  • It has 60mm dual wheels
  • This perfect for your office, durable and strong construction as well
  • Proper back support with classy and attractive looks
  • Two years manufacture Warranty

Things we didn’t liked

  • Make some noise when rotating chair
  • It’s slightly expensive

4. Da URBAN Miller Medium Back revolving Office Chair

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There is another brilliant product of Greensoul and it’s one of most popular brand in area of furniture, it would be great buy for you. Greensoul their focused only on comfort and durability as well, it has 3d armrest with dual combined seat which provide an attractive outlook along with large seating to improve your comfort.

This comes with adjustable lumbar support pillow included with the chair, it giving max comfort to your back when you play or work for long hours. Apart from it has adjustable & removable headrest pillow which make this chair looks extra attractive and stylish.

Things we liked

  • It has a better comfort and dual colors combined seat
  • This comes with heavy duty 60mm nylon caster wheels
  • You can also 360 degree swivel this chair
  • You also locking tilt butterfly mechanism as well
  • Three year warranty on product
  • It comes with an amazing looks & beautiful many colors

Things we didn’t liked

  • This pillow is not good they are not comfortable
  • A little bit expensive

5. Da URBAN GRACO Medium Back revolving Office Chair

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There is another brilliant office chair of AmazonBasics and its one of best for those buyers who are looking a durable and comfortable chairs.

This office chair made with high quality black bonded leather, this padded seat to provide all day comfort. Along with this chair gives you back support for users and is best buy for office workers who sitting for long time on their chair. You can easily swivels for multi-tasking convenience and it would be great buy for you.

Things we liked

  • This chair comes with mid back support
  • It has padded seat for your completely comfort
  • It more adjustable office chair
  • It offers you professional look for any location
  • 1 year warranty on product

Things we didn’t liked

  • This back support is very low
  • Fabric quality not up to mark

6. Da Urban Boom Mid Back Mesh Revolving Chair

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When we have to plan open own office, then first thing in our mind their furniture and decoration as well. This AmazonBasics office chair is perfect according to your expectations and it comes with padded seat and back also for you all day comfort & support. You can smoothly rolling caster of 360 degree swivel this chair, along with raising and lowering the height of seat according your needs. This chair made by bonded brown leather with fully adjustable, butterfly seat plate as well as. Below are some more notable things about it

Things we liked

  • It comes with high back and fully adjustable
  • This chair capable to swivel of 360 degree
  • You can easier raising and lowering this seat suitable you situation
  • It is perfect for office, meeting room and many more
  • It curved contours help your back support and your body properly aligned

Things we didn’t liked

  • Not for big users

7. Wipro Furniture Smart Cushioned Back Executive Office Chair

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If you are looking for a decent looking and comfortable chair for your employees, then you should look for the Urban Ladder Eisner. Apart from having a decent look, the fabric quality of the chair is best on the list. Here are the unique things about the chair are listed as follows

  • Low back support makes it a comfortable chair
  • Durable wheels
  • Great armrests

Things we liked

  • Great cushioning
  • Height adjustable feature

Things we didn’t liked

  • Not for big users

8. Wipro Furniture Alivio Mid Back Executive

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If you were looking forward to buy a comfortable chair that is lightweight and stable enough to be used by the workers, then the Savya Home would be a great buy. This chair provides a great back support for the users and is perfect buy for the office workers who spend most of their time sitting on their chairs. The armrests have proper cushioning, so you won’t have to worry about the posture and comfort of the users. Here are the unique features of the chair

  • Bonded leather for extra comfort
  • Steel pipe for better durability
  • Proper back support

Things we liked

  • BIFIMA certified construction. Can handle up to 113 kg weight
  • Stable build

Things we didn’t liked

  • Armrest could be wider

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9. HOF Computer Student Chair Priviya

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Another high back office chair that looks great with the modern office interiors. Apart from having a durable construction, this has a reliable rotation that makes it easier to move from one desk to another without much efforts. So, if you were after a reliable chair for your employees, CELLBELL C52 Back Office High-Back Office Chair would be a great buy for you. Here are the unique things about the chair

  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Comfortable cushioning
  • Good back support

Things we liked

  • Adequate cushioning
  • High quality fabric
  • comes in many different colors 
  • one year warranty on product 

Things we didn’t liked

  • It’s hydraulic quality is not good

10. HOF Computer Student Chair Priviya

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If you have an IT firm, or are looking forward to provide the utmost comfort to your employees, the AmazonBasics office chair would be the perfect chair for your office. With great cushioning and awesome looks, this is a perfect office chair if you were looking to establish a modern office in low budget. Here are the best features of the chair

  • Provides full support to the back and neck
  • Revolving motion for better usability
  • Height adjustable feature

Things we liked

  • Perfect for the office. Durable and strong construction
  • Adjustable height makes it a great chair for all

Things we didn’t liked

  • Fabric quality is not up to the mark

Interesting Facts about Office Chairs 

  • The Origin 

The chairs we see now at offices were first ideated by the famous English biologist Charles Darwin. The idea of wheels at the base, now also known as casters, first occurred to him. The concept of revolving chairs was originated from there. 

  • Comfort Promotes Productivity 

Every business and factory stands on the performances of the workers. So, the comfort of the workers should be seen as important for their high productivity rate. Employees spend long hours sitting on the same chairs. If the chairs are not comfortable enough, then it will affect their performances. 

  • Ergonomics 

The ergonomics of office chairs is again another important feature that contributes to the efficiency of the employees. If it is not right, soon, a person will start feeling uncomfortable sitting on the chair, which will result in back and neck pain. And, if the same person is compelled to sit on the same chair every day for all day long hours, it will lead to a lot of stress for him. This will definitely affect his/her performance in the long run. On the other hand, the best ergonomic chairs will allow the person to work without the interruption of any physical discomfort, which will increase his/her efficiency.  

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Which is the best office chair to sit for long hours?  The most comfortable office chairs to sit all day long should have good lumbar support and enough cushion padding. More preferable will be the ones with the height adjustment feature. The green soul chairs have enough height for tall people. Moreover, this perfectly contoured chair has solid padding all around the sitting area, which gives you a perfect long hour sitting experience. 

2) Are the gaming chairs a better option than office chairs? 

The office chairs and study chairs are similar in almost every way. They allow you to sit on the chairs and comfortably type in your PC. While gaming involves all your attention and movements of several body parts. Hence the gaming chairs give you all the support for your legs, hips, neck, and shoulders so that you can be engrossed in the game without thinking about anything else. At the same time, it takes care of your right sitting posture as well. If you also need to sit on the chair at your office for a long time at a stretch, you can consider buying one of the gaming chairs. 

3) How does a chair contribute to the sciatica pain? 

Sciatica pain and back pain are a very common problem in people who has to sit for long hours at work. The bad posture of sitting for a long time leads to these problems. Chairs with proper lumbar support and upholstery padding help you avoid such diseases, and who already have got it can get relief from the unbearable pain of these problems. The chair should give enough support at the back and bottom of the seat. 

4) What are the best brands to rely on for office chairs? 

You will find some of the best brand names and other details in this review. Still, some of the brands with the best office chairs in India 2020 are Da Urban Miller, GreenSoul, Innowin Makson, Savya, MBTC, Apex, etc. 

How To Choose An Office Chair?

When it comes for an office most of the people would look to have a comfortable chair and other important accessories. This is a very important thing that should be considered. Without a proper office chair it is not at all possible to carry out the work. There are certain things that should be considered in this case. Let us follow it.

  • The height of the chair is the most important thing that must always be given special preference. Thus one should always give stress on the height of the chair. It should be adjacent to the desk or the table.
  • The width and the depth of the chair must be considered. Width and depth always play a very important role in this case. Depth is the most challenging thing that is very important. It should always be given a preference.
  • Most of the office chairs should have an armrest option. This is much required for easy working of the office. Without a proper office chair it is not at all possible to work freely or comfortably in the office.
  • The back portion of the office chair should be covered with proper cushion. The cushion is the most important material that is given to provide absolute comfort to the back portion of the body.
  • Most of the office chairs should be revolving in nature. The revolving options allow the user to move from one space to another very easily. It increases the flexibility of the chair to a good extent.
  • The chair must be of good –quality so that it can run for a long time without any issues. When it is meant for office it should be made of good-quality materials that could provide long durability of the same.
  • The chairs must have the capacity to be adjusted in any space. This is the most important requirement that must be kept in the mind of the common people.

Thus it can be well said from the above discussion that office chairs plays a pivotal role in most of the offices. Without a proper seating arrangement it is totally impossible to carry out any types of work. The better the seating arrangement the better will be the output. With this motive in mind one must always try to provide high-quality chairs in offices. It will also allow the employees to work comfortably.


So, these were the best office chairs in India that you can buy in this year. Choose the best one that suits your needs, and buy it right through by following the links above, before the stocks end.

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