Top 7 Best Smartwatch Under 2000 Rs in India 2019

Are you looking for a portable heart rate monitor or a calorie tracker that can efficiently monitor all your daily activities? Are you looking forward to live a healthier life? If yes, then the smartwatches would be the best and the easiest way to track your daily activities so that you can easily manage your schedule to make it a healthier day.

The smartwatches are becoming enormously popular among the buyers of different categories, and although the smartwatches are available in a wide range, and buyers can easily choose a perfect one according to their needs and budget. And although you can buy a more expensive smartwatch, that not only has better features and reliability but if you are not willing to spend thousands to a smartwatch and want to buy an essential smartwatch for yourself, then a smartwatch under 2000 INR would be a perfect buy for you.

A smartwatch under 2000 would be a basic smartwatch, but it still can perform health-related features like heart rate monitor, distance traveled, calorie burned, and numerous other features. And if you are not willing to go with an expensive watch for yourself for the first time, then this budget would be a great range for finding a perfect smartwatch. Moreover, if you haven’t used the smartwatches before, then it is advised that instead of investing a big amount,you should look for a relatively cheaper smartwatch to make yourself comfortable with the technology and uses of a smartwatch.

Top 6 smartwatches to buy in India under 2000

In case you are not sure that which smartwatch would be a perfect product for you, then having a look at the 7 best smartwatches under 2000 can be really beneficial for you.

Here are the five most popular and efficient smartwatches that you can buy today in India under 2000.

GO through them, and choose the one that perfectly fits your budget and needs.

Best Smartwatch Under 2000 Rs in India

1. Lambent Black DZ09 Bluetooth Smart Watch

Lambent Black DZ09 Bluetooth Smart Watch

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For the buyers who are looking forward to buy a new and feature-rich smartwatch for themselves, the Lambent Black DZ09 would be a perfect smartwatch. Apart from the excellent look and finish, the things that make DZ09 better than the other smartwatches are features, build quality and support. You can easily gift it to someone who is new to technology and want to learn more about the smartwatches.

Some of the unique features of Lambent DZ09 are listed as follows

  • Can be used as an independent smartphone
  • Numerous health-related features including pedometer and sleep monitor
  • Compact and easy to use

Things we liked

  • Sync function for messaging services
  • Camera and sound recorder

Things we didn’t liked

  • Not weatherproof

2. Drumstone A1 Smart Wrist Watch

Drumstone A1 Smart Wrist Watch

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Another brilliant smartwatch for the first time users is the Drumstone A1. Along with the looks and features, this is the only watch in this range that comes with a 1-year warranty. And this somehow assures the buyers about the build quality and reliability of the smartwatch.

IN addition to the various features for the health enthusiasts, the Drumstone A1 also has some other useful features like making and answering phone calls, reading and replying to the messages and others.

Some of the unique features about the Drumstone A1 are listed as follows

  • Can be connected to your Android smartphone, or can be used independently by using a 2G SIM directly on the slot.
  • Easy to setup
  • Brilliant performance

Things we liked

  • 1-year warranty
  • NO compatibility issues with mobile platforms

Things we didn’t liked

  • Screen quality is not upto the mark

3. Rewy A1_002 Bluetooth Curve Display Smart Watch

Rewy A1_002 Bluetooth Curve Display Smart Watch

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If you were looking for a brilliantly designed smartwatch that looks expensive, the Rewy A1_002 with the curved display would be an ideal smartwatch to go with. Along with excellent display and good quality premium strap, this is indeed the best-looking smartwatch in this price range. However, the Rewy A1_002 is not all about the looks. There are a few features that are not available in any smartwatch of this range and the watch comes ina variety of colors so that the buyers can choose the best one according to their choice.

Some of the best and unique features of Rewy A1_002 are

  • IPS LCD panel
  • Touch screen display
  • Advanced features like Anti-lost function, Voice recorder, and cellphone finder

Things we liked

  • Runs essential apps like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp
  • Extremely easy to set up

Things we didn’t liked

  • Charging cable is hard to connect

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4. Drumstone DZ09 Bluetooth Smartwatch

Drumstone DZ09 Bluetooth Smartwatch

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Another brilliant smartwatch targeting the first time and entry-level buyers from Drumstone is the Drumstone DZ09. With a brilliant screen and list of useful features make the smartwatch a perfect buy for the buyers who are planning to invest money on smartwatches for the first time.

Here are the unique features of Drumstone DZ09

  • FM Radio
  • Works flawlessly with iPhones and Android devices
  • Easy to use features

Things we liked

  • Compatible with smartphones
  • Large screen

Things we didn’t liked

  • Set up can be a bit difficult for the beginners

5. ZED BONE Bluetooth Smart Watch DZ09

ZED BONE Bluetooth Smart Watch DZ09

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If you were looking for a smartwatch that can easily replace an entry-level smartphone, the ZED BONE Bluetooth Smart Watch DZ09 would be the best smartwatch for you. Unlike the other smartwatches of this range, this  smartwatch has numerous features that are available on in the expensive smartwatches from renowned brands. Along with a great set of features, the ZED BONE Bluetooth Smart Watch DZ09 has a fluid performance too, that make it a worthy product for almost every buyer looking for his/her first smartwatch.

Here are the unique things about ZED BONE Bluetooth Smart Watch DZ09

  • Big list of features
  • Large screen makes it easier to operate
  • Sturdy design

Things we liked

  • Easy to set up
  • Compatible to both iOS and Android devices

Things we didn’t liked

  • Looks bulky

6. DZ09 Bluetooth Smart Watch

smart watch

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If you want buy an all advanced features and smart Bluetooth watch for themselves, then this DZ09 bluetooth smart watch brilliant option for you. It comes with best segment display, sim card supported and 32GB memory, 2 mega pixcel camera as well as.

This watch made by high quality manufacturing unit, which provides excellence performance, you can use this watch as a smart mobile.

Things we liked

  • It has supported (GSM, micro sim) as well
  • It is durable and reliable brand
  • Amazing touch screen display
  • Extremely easy to use & set up it
  • It comes with all advanced features like, video recorder, audio, and compatibility all android iOS mobile phones
  • Beautiful and classy look

Things we didn’t liked

  • It is not waterproof watch

7. ZILANT Unisex Bluetooth 4g Smart Watch

zilant smartwatch

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If you are looking a brilliant and advanced smart watch, then this smart watch perfect and its match your all requirements. It come with high quality display, quick touch and perfect sound quality, you can connect your smartphone via Bluetooth and check you all times mobile notifications through this watch easily. its made by high quality operating system CPU 1.3G quad-core. And App support GPS navigation

Things we liked

  • Amazing looks with all advanced features
  • You have to charge only 30 minute before used
  • It comes with Sleep Monitoring
  • NO compatibility issues with mobile platforms

Things we didn’t liked

  • It battery quality is not good
  • Camera is not working properly


So, these were the five smartwatches that are currently trending in the Indian market, and have all the essential features that you are looking for in your first ever smartwatch.

So, follow the links, and find a perfect one for yourself. Believe us, you won’t regret investing money to any of the above-listed smartwatches.